Apr 232014

Tried dinner with the girls at Endgrain (1851 West Addison), and was treated to a tempting feast for the eyes and even better one for the tummy! Will need a return visit before crafting a proper review, but let me just say, the biscuits and jam? A thing of beauty. I weep for the years I’ve wasted eating inferior biscuits with sub-par jam — Endgrain, where have you been all my (breakfast-loving) life?

Speaking of breakfast, their famed doughnuts weren’t on the dinner menu because the pastries weren’t considered fresh enough to serve by that point in the day. Sad. No amount of wheedling would change our server’s mind. Guess that means I’ll need to dust myself off some morning and make the trek.

Is it bad form to eat breakfast AND dinner at the same restaurant in the same day? I’m tempted. What restaurant has tempted you?

Nov 072011

Lately, it’s been about breakfast for me — morning, noon and night. Something about the weather changing calls for massive amounts of comfort food. So when a friend suggested trying breakfast-as-dinner at the newest location of Bleeding Heart Bakery (1916 W. Chicago Ave), I couldn’t say no.

Take A Hike

Take a hike for this scone

The first thing you notice is the place is a riot of pattern and color — it screams “wake up!” long before the first cup of coffee is poured. A large mural with the “No Crying in Pastry” slogan competes with a glass-enclosed work space for attention. I was charmed by the chipper formica tabletops and the spinning pastry display in the corner. The whole place is work for the eyes, but fun.

I tried to order the spicy hot chocolate, but they were out of spice and minty didn’t sound appealing. However, the mild hot chocolate I ended up with had weak kung fu — I still regret the decision to order and drink it. My friend’s Durango with hazelnut mocha was a much more satisfying choice.

The visual riot crawled off the walls onto the menu, and it took us quite a few minutes to sift through it to order. I eventually zeroed in on the Deep Fried Doughnut Sandwich, which I got with a side of apple slaw. In theory this was a good choice — a vanilla-infused shout-out to Krispy Kreme stuffed with savory items, but I really didn’t like it. My friend’s farmer’s skillet reminded us both more of a bi bim bop than anything else. The eggs in both dishes were over-cooked.

While the sit-down breakfast was a little disappointing, the baked goods were as awesome as always. I loaded up the delicious carbs from the display case and took them home to enjoy. My new favorite discovery was the Take A Hike scone. It came loaded with flax, cranberries, and seeds, and was a satisfying breakfast all by itself. Lesson learned? Perhaps. I may try this location for breakfast again, but I’ll definitely consider a grab and go pastry from the front first.

Been to this newest Bleeding Heart? Love to hear what you think.

Apr 062010
Volo | Duval Leroy Champagne

This Duval Leroy Champagne was on special.

It doesn’t take much arm twisting to try a new-to-us spot in the city, so when a Twitter conversation with @GourmetRambler and @RealErin turned to meeting over wine and food, we were all for a tweet-up.

We met at Volo Wine Bar on April 1, but the at-cost pricing for Duval Leroy champagne was no joke. Over the course of the evening, the party bought out Volo’s supply. It was amazing to find a champagne I enjoyed this much.

Volo | Dunbarton Wisconsin Blue

Try the Dunbarton Wisconsin Blue from Volo's cheese selection.

We also sampled several of the appetizers and small plates from the menu, including their selection of cheese. This blue cheese was dry, sharp and the stand-out of Volo’s offerings. On the other end was a montchevre, mixed with herbs, that I swore tasted like onion dip. Once I made that connection, I couldn’t go back.

Volo | House Cured Salmon Flatbread

The salmon flatbread was served with micro-greens and dill.

The house-cured salmon flatbread was recommended, as was the bone marrow. Both were tried and consumed over the course of the evening. Wagu beef, duck confit and potato ravioli were tempting, but will have to wait until the next visit.

Volo | Bone Marrow

There's plenty on the menu for the meat eaters, too.

We had a great time hanging out with new and old Twitter friends, and can’t wait to do it again soon. If you have a favorite spot, let us know and we’ll put out the word.

Volo Restaurant
2008 West Roscoe Street
Chicago, IL 60618-6202
(773) 348-4600

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