Oct 242014
Goosefoot Food & Wine

The sign that teased me for months.

Usually I’m a patient person. I can wait out the rush of new, exciting, must-try spots to enjoy the latest dining experience at my own pace.

Often this is made easier by a daily commute that features a dull, familiar routine up and down Western. The one exception was the tease of brown paper and bold lettering for the new Goosefoot Food & Wine shop.

I twitter-stalked the Goosefoot account and craned my neck every time the bus passed the storefront. I. Could. Not. Wait!

Goosefoot Food & Wine

Stock up on high-flatutin’ goods.

Though I managed to miss opening day, I popped in over the weekend to see if my (im)patience would be rewarded.

It was, to be quite honest, a mixed bag.

Lincoln Square already has an abundance of fine food & wine opportunities including Provenance Food & Wine, Gene’s Sausage Shop, and Fine Wine Brokers, not to mention bakeries and restaurants galore. If you want to compare super-close options, then Harvest Time Foods up the street is also a worthy stop.

Goosefoot Food & Wine

Can’t get a reservation at the restaurant? Buy the chestnut soup next door.

What does Goosefoot Food & Wine offer?

Well, for those of us who have been unable to score a reservation or to repeat an experience at Goosefoot, the store has select to-go offerings from the menu. I speak, of course, about the to-die for Chestnut Soup. It’s been two years since I last tried it, and I still remember every bite.

Want to savor the memory? A little carton can be yours for $9.

Or if your fond meal-time recollections include the hand-painted chocolates, a box of four can be had for $12. Even though the candies are on display under glass, the selection of available chocolate for sale is random.

Goosefoot Food & Wine

These hand-painted chocolates are for display only.

Other items for sale include an almost expected range of fancy packaged goods like pastas, crackers, syrups, and granola. For those with fortunate reservations for dinner but the inability to recollect that Goosefoot is a BYOB, the shop is open late enough to pop-in for a compatible bottle or two or three with dinner.

I spied a beer-making kit on the shelves, but found the craft beer selection limiting. I understand that it takes a while to build relationships with breweries, but a hyper-local choice shouldn’t have been too hard to procure — hello, Half-Acre, Begyle, Finch? I hope to see the choices move beyond Goose Island.

Goosefoot Food & Wine

The interior is spacious and a bit sterile.

I quizzed the staff a bit about the selections, chocolates, and saved my most important question for last: How do I get a reservation at Goosefoot?

I would tell you, but I need to try it first. Hopefully patience will be rewarded again!

Gala Apple

Candied apples? Yes, please!

Goosefoot Food & Wine is located next to the restaurant at 2656 W Lawrence Avenue. The store is open 1 to 10 p.m. daily.

Oct 182013
Cafe Selmarie Sugar Cookies

Filled, sugared, and frosted cookies from Cafe Selmarie

Whether you consider Sweetest Day to be a “concocted promotion” or not, it’s never a bad idea to pick up a box of cookies from a local bakery to share with your significant other.

I plan to get two. Just in case something happens to the first box.

Who cut Chubby?

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Jun 102013


Was out and about this weekend and noticed my favorite hot dog character had been vandalized. Who torn a piece out of Chubby Wiener? Why, why, why?

Chubby Wiener
4652 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60625