Master the Grill with Urban Accents

My barbecue routine is pretty comfortable. I prep a few skewers of fish, peppers, and corn-on-the-cob and then throw everything on the grill. Boom. Dinner’s ready in 15 minutes. My philosophy: keep things simple and make certain nothing gets burned.

The BF, on the other hand, is completely in his element when he’s grilling. He uses a variety of marinades and rubs made from scratch. He staggers cooking and “resting meat” so that everything is served in one glorious platter of culinary perfection. If I want real barbecue, I usually leave everything up to him.

Every now and then, it’s good to shake things up. That’s why I was so excited to try Urban Accents. They gave me a turn to shine at the grill.

Urban Accents

A variety of flavors work with different meats.

Made locally in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, Urban Accents uses all-natural, gluten free, and MSG-free ingredients to create a lengthly selection of dry rubs and seasoned salts in addition to popcorn salts, brines, & breakfast mixes. Each package includes recommendations for a protein match-up, a QR code for recipe ideas in case you get stuck, and cooking recommendations. Just what I needed to take my grilling from blah to gourmet!

For my first attempt, I used the Cayman Citrus Heat dry rub. I threw it in a bag with a pound of shrimp, shook it around to coat everything, and let the mixture marinate for about 30 minutes before grilling. This mix was a “hurts so good” spicy with a nice balance of savory salts that I loved. For my corn, the shaker of Chili Lime seasoning was the perfect mix of sweet & heat and definitely a crowd pleaser. I plan to shake it on top of all my veggies this summer.

I’ve since topped steak with a Vermont Grill, a light maple & sage mix; halibut with Sonoma Pepper — a curious blend of citrus & pepper; and pork loin with a Kansas City Rub made zesty with ancho chilies. Everything tastes great and expectations for dinner are growing with each new addition to the grill. Fortunately, I know where to find more mixes when I run out.

If you want to up your grilling game or pick up a perfect gift for Father’s Day, pop in to Urban Accents to order online.

I’ll be grilling more with Urban Accents this summer. Follow along on my grilling adventures on Twitter & Instagram. Who knows? I may have a favorite by the time I need to put my grill away.

I was not financially compensated for this post. Urban Accent products were provided to me as a member of the media. The opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.


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