Midweek Food P0rn: Beatrix

We went to Beatrix (519 North Clark Street) recently to have a romantic date night at a cozy, neighborhood-type restaurant. However, I miscalculated the atmosphere/vibe when making reservation. Beatrix is more hotel cafeteria than a fine dining spot. It’s a nice cafeteria, but the service and presentation of the food didn’t pass muster. Especially since the entrees were priced for the higher end experience.

Having said that, the food was solid and at times exceptional. The hummus was comparable to what I get at local Middle Eastern restaurants, and the skirt steak was very tender and well-seasoned. We didn’t stay for dessert, but instead grabbed some outstanding pastries to enjoy at home later. Scones for the win!

I will definitely pop in again, but next time it will be for an upscale coffee fix and/or lunch with friends. Been and loved Beatrix? Let me know!


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