Endgrain: Midweek Food P0rn

Tried dinner with the girls at Endgrain (1851 West Addison), and was treated to a tempting feast for the eyes and even better one for the tummy! Will need a return visit before crafting a proper review, but let me just say, the biscuits and jam? A thing of beauty. I weep for the years I’ve wasted eating inferior biscuits with sub-par jam — Endgrain, where have you been all my (breakfast-loving) life?

Speaking of breakfast, their famed doughnuts weren’t on the dinner menu because the pastries weren’t considered fresh enough to serve by that point in the day. Sad. No amount of wheedling would change our server’s mind. Guess that means I’ll need to dust myself off some morning and make the trek.

Is it bad form to eat breakfast AND dinner at the same restaurant in the same day? I’m tempted. What restaurant has tempted you?

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