Try Relished Foods for a change of scene

Mahi Mahi | Relished Foods

The Blood Orange Topped Mahi Mahi made me feel like a chef.

I’ve let the harsh winter weather dictate my dining habits lately. When I run out of groceries or into boredom, I’ll turn to my roster of delivery options. It’s better than making the trek through the un-shoveled walks to get to the store, right? Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a ton of variety coming through the door…or maybe that’s the February lull talking.

Regardless, I was thrilled when the folks at Relished Foods reached out to me about their make-at-home meals. The concept is interesting and fresh. Their chefs develop three recipes each week, complete with ingredients and a photographed step-by-step guide to make each meal. The only things needed from the at-home kitchen are cooking implements, water, salt and pepper, oil and a spirit of adventure. All of which I have.

Flat Iron Steak | Relished Foods

The Flat Iron Steak looks exactly like the picture.

The food was great! Each tasty recipe was chock full of easily prepared vegetables, starch and lean protein. The meals weighed in between 420 and 480 calories per serving, and each took about thirty minutes to prepare. The visual guides were helpful, and as you can tell, the recipes turned out exactly as they appeared on the cards.

Currently, the meals are gluten, dairy and pork-free. However, they are not vegetarian. I’m told that is on the horizon along with the possibility of guest chef recipes. The most common questions about the service are answered here.

Vegetable Ramen | Relished Foods

Vegetable Ramen was a lovely alternative to another pizza.

I think Relished Foods is perfect for busy professionals on the go. If you like to try new things, but don’t like to shop or stock up on huge quantities of ingredients consider giving them a try. The company scales their meals perfectly for two, four, or six people. At $9.95 per plate, the service is much cheaper than delivery/take-out and less wasteful than what goes unused from a grocery run.

Relished Foods arrives on Wednesdays via FedEx perishable delivery. And though the company is based in Chicago, the U.S. delivery area includes everywhere East of Colorado.

If you want to try Relished Foods, enter ‘relished30‘ at checkout and receive 30% of your first order. Go on! Your taste buds deserve a change of scene.


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