Tesori: Chicago Restaurant Week 2014

Spring Pea Soup | Tesori

Start off with the soup of the day.

I had a business meeting downtown, so I seized the opportunity to extend my Chicago Restaurant Week experience to include Tesori. It turned out to be a quite, spacious place to have a conversation along with lunch. I appreciated that the waitstaff didn’t rush us or intrude.

Wanting to keep the meal somewhat light, we each started with the spring pea soup. A steaming cup arrived with a selection of bread. It was tasty, though unremarkable. If I had more appetite, I would have selected the arancini or confit pork belly. Both felt too substantial for lunch.

Ravioli | Tesori

Pasta is perfect on a cold day.

Moving on to the second course, I chose the duck and fontina ravioli. The pasta was tender though under-stuffed with tasty morsels of meat. It could have used more cheese on top, though the arugula added an unexpected counterpoint.

The pizza was a huge flatbread that didn’t seem appropriate for a lunch portion. Over half of it was packed up to take home. The bready crust was thick enough to support the toppings; chewy and a little salty. There are definitely more interesting pizza options in the Loop.

Pizza | Tesori

Choose from the long list of pizzas for RW.

We split the dessert options — a plate of bland sugar cookies and a thick mousse. There’s not much to say about the cookies. Meh. The mousse was delicious and served with candied hazelnuts that gave it an extra boost. I could only eat a bite. I think a middle option between these two dessert extremes would have been better for lunch.

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse | Tesori

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

If I needed a sit-down restaurant option in that section of the city, I would keep Tesori in mind. It seems like a serviceable choice and it’s certainly convenient. Have you been? What do you think of Tesori as a downtown lunch choice?

65 E Adams Street