Amitabul: Cheap Eats Monday

Green and Greener Amitabul

Good for what ails ya

I don’t make it to Norwood Park very often unless someone is driving. So when my friend Joan offered to take her car out in the slush, I said yes and rushed out the door. Why? Cheap Vegan food at Amitabul, of course!

It’s been a few years since I last made the trek, but nothing has changed. It’s still a hole-in-the-wall joint along a rather industrial, run-down section of Milwaukee. The same decal on the window, wall-of-crazy entry way, Buddhist sayings, lotus flowers, chipped dishes, and worn-in booths greeted our return.

Frankly, I think I would be freaked out by a polished and shiny version of Amitabul. The grunge gives it gravitas.

Energy Nut Amitabul

Good for Energy

More importantly, the food is still fresh, spicy, and a little hippy-dippy. Dishes like Flu Soup, Green Heaven, and Yin and Yan are available to cure what ails you. However, in my option, if you need something called Flu Soup, you probably shouldn’t be out eating in a restaurant. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It is.

Since I wasn’t feeling under the weather, I decided to pick up the pace with the Amitabul Energy Nut. A generous portion of green vegetables and nuts served with a slightly sweet, triple-hot sauce was served up with a side of subbed brown rice. I really wish I could figure out the sauce because I’d make this all the time at home. Tastes great and clears the sinuses.


Healthy eating programs.

Joan ordered the Green and Greener Nirvana, and aside from the seaweed and slightly different veggie mix, we couldn’t tell too much difference between our meals. Her dish, by the way, is a mellow jolt for the heart. How many bites does it take for that to register? We don’t know. Yet.

For $9-$12 per entree, enjoy quality vegan food that gives your system a break from the overly-processed, meatier cuisine that may be holding back your health. Or go because you like unusual, spicy food. Or because you got a ride.

6207 N. Milwaukee Avenue