Oct 232013
The Half n Half

The Half n Half

I usually go for small protein, but Smoque demands that you to go big. Since I couldn’t make up my mind, I went half brisket, half pulled pork — and whole hog. The BBQ was so tender, I didn’t need the plastic utensils. The wood smoke permeated the air, the meat, and clung to my clothes for hours later. I was nearly done in by the addition of slaw and a corn muffin though I felt the sides weren’t nearly as good as the main attraction. My theory is they’re there to give you a break from non-stop meat.

Baby Back Ribs

A tray of goodies.

The BF went big with baby back ribs, extra sauce, and macaroni & cheese. His order was tender, too, and we had no complaints except that it wasn’t as good as the brisket (how could it be?). I’ve heard raves over the mac & cheese before coming here that I’m not sure I understand. I think the notoriety of the sides comes in their contrast to the piles of excellent meat. Different = exceptional, maybe? Order sides if you want, just understand it’s not the reason to come here. Meat. Meat is the reason.

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler

We finished off our trays and went back for a “dessert cup” of the peach cobbler. It was good in the way that something sweet after a meal usually is. Meat. Meat is the reason we will come back. It’s the reason you should go.

Smoque BBQ
3800 N Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL

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