On the Scene at The Vendy Awards

Street Vendors

Street Vendors from Pilsen represented for the Legalize Street Food movement.

Truthfully, the first annual Chicago Vendy Awards were underwhelming: no dessert trucks, a limited and questionable representation of savory vendors, and weather that went from July to October in a matter of hours. However, the venue was good, the Brooklyn Beer flowed freely, and I am stocked up on Scope samples. Forever stocked.

The Institute for Justice was there with street vendors from Pilsen to educate, get signatures, and spread the word about the Legalize Street Food movement. Yelp was there, too, and there was some cross promotion between Rachel Ray and Mrs. Dash…and did I mention Scope? Because they got me coming and going between every vendor.

Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery won the People’s Taste Award, but that’s a little like me bragging that I’m Foursquare mayor of my apartment. They just had to show up.

Enjoy the sights:

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