Need healthy ready-to-eat meals? Try CJK Foods

I spend a lot of time reading labels, visiting farmers markets, and questioning what I eat and why — all in the quest for a better, healthier me. Most days I work at it. Other days? Stress, hectic schedules, and the lure of easy calories lead to less-stellar dining decisions.

So when CJK Foods approached me to try their meal delivery service, I was all over the chance to find an alternative to ordering pizza or picking up Chinese food. Because take-out shouldn’t win every time I have a bad day, right?

Liquid Sunshine CJK

Start your day with a glass of liquid sunshine.

Why CJK Foods?
CJK Foods was born from Chef Josh Katt’s start as a personal chef in Chicago, creating meals based on the principles of the anti-inflammatory diet for health-conscious clients. As word about his delicious meals spread and more requests followed, Katt began to produce menus for different dietary restrictions including gluten-free, vegan, and Paleo diets. A thriving meal-delivery service soon emerged.

He’s made all the hard decisions for busy people. In each dish, there’s an emphasis on healthy, seasonal dishes created to his exacting standards. Says Katt, “People should eat as much real food as they possibly can. We deliver what they need.”

Jicama Hash CJK

The Jicama Hash is Paleo-friendly.

How does it work?
Visit the CJK Foods site for the weekly menu and narrow down selections based on your diet. Special requests and delivery options (home, office or select gyms) can be accommodated.

New customers receive an introductory email, a text message confirming delivery details and instructions about reheating meals. If you plan to put your entire meal plan in their hands, they recommend you order twice a week to receive optimally fresh food.

Cajun Tilapia CJK

The Cajun Tilapia is a tasty and satisfying dinner option.

How does healthy taste?
I’m a fiend for smoothies and enjoyed my breakfast of Liquid Sunshine, a blend of more organic fruits than I pull together on a typical day. The Jicama Hash was a heartier choice — the jicama substituting crunch for potatoes, and a substantial amount of turkey sausage added zing. It kept me full and happy until dinner time.

The Cajun Tilapia, accompanied by a zingy remoulade, was served atop brown rice loaded with kale and cherry tomatoes. I took it out of the compostable container, warmed it up in the oven and let the boyfriend think I’d spent an hour cooking dinner. Delish!

Who’s it for?
I would use CJK Foods for the weeks I know will be too busy for shopping and cooking. The meals are more expensive and require more forethought than take-out; however the quality ingredients and preparation make these dishes an attractive choice. I felt confident in what I ate. The only complaint I had was that CJK doesn’t include calorie counts in all dishes yet though I’m assured it’s information Chef Josh and company plan to include as CJK continues to grow.

If you’re too busy to cook, overwhelmed on your quest for organic foods, or need a refreshing way to approach your dietary restrictions, place an order for Chef Josh Katt’s meals. Your diet will thank you.

I was invited by CJK Foods to review their ready-to-eat meals.