Enjoy A Bite from Twofold Foods

Classic Granola Twofold Foods

Enjoy the crunch of Classic Granola.

I’m normally a careful eater. I read labels. I buy local, organic and if at all possible, gluten-free, foods. Non-GMO? Absolutely! Vegan? Even better.

However, I confess that when I’m crunched for time and facing a fast-food desert, I will cave and down processed junk that I’d normally snub. A girl has to eat something, even it is a bucket of Mini. Pretzel. Dogs.


Chicagoans Paula Morawski and Jennifer Blaeser have been there. After facing one too many over-processed snacks in their road warrior lives, they decided to start their company, Twofold Foods, to provide healthy options for busy, on-the-go people like me and you. A line of delicious granolas and flavored nuts started flowing out of the kitchen in small batches about a year ago, with enough sweet and savory selections to meet everyone’s snacking needs.

Classic Granola, Glazed Almonds, Quinoa Granola

Three healthy snacks choices from Twofold Foods.

Morawski and Blaeser made a conscious choice to select the right ingredients for their snacks, balancing local availability against the desired flavor profile for recipes. They also took the extra step of having their vegan snacks certified as well as all ingredients verified as Non-GMO. According to Blaeser, “People have a heightened awareness of where foods come from and we wanted to respect that.”

I know I’ve never seen so many nuts in a granola before, or seen one made with good and so-good-for-you quinoa flakes. Most importantly? My taste buds appreciated the difference between what I throw together haphazardly in my kitchen versus the real maple syrup from Vermont, bourbon vanilla and sea salt that flavor this satisfying, crunchy mix. I enjoyed my quinoa granola sprinkled on top of fresh peaches.

Quinoa Granola Twofold

On-trend with Quinoa Granola.

As someone who makes a beeline for the candied almonds at Christkindlmarket every year, I was equally excited about the glazed almonds. They lacked the crunchy candy coating, but still gave me the rush of sweetness I sometimes crave in snacks. While I preferred the quinoa granola, Twofold also has a solid classic granola offering packed with cashews, almonds and pecans amongst the rolled oats. Either way, my snacking problems are solved — as long as I remember to keep a bag tucked away in my purse.

Find the full line of Twofold Foods granolas and nuts at these stores, the Downers Grove or Logan Square Farmers Markets, or online. Twofold Foods also participates in the Williams-Sonoma Artisans’ Market.

FYI: I received samples of granola and nuts by Twofold Foods for review.