The Big Cheezy: Midweek Food P0rn

Big Cheesy Bad Apple

The Big Cheezy

So for the first time in nearly twenty years, I ordered a hamburger at a restaurant. This can happen when you leave the table and leave the ordering up to others without explicitly saying “make it vegetarian”. Turned out to be a great burger.

The Bad Apple locally sources their meat from farmers who raise them right, which is, pardon the pun, most of my beef with meat these days. It arrived medium, with cracked black pepper seared into the patty, and oozing with melted ricotta and muenster. A smear of aioli and side of Old Bay-seasoned fries were all that was needed to get me past decades of avoidance.

It certainly won’t take me that long to return for another.

The Bad Apple
4300 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

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