Visit to Half Acre: Chicago Craft Beer Week

Box of Daisy Cutter

Think outside of the box for Craft Beer Week.

I’m trying to participate in Chicago Craft Beer Week, but you know how it is with life. I have to give some professional time to the NRA Show this week and while I’m all for shining a spotlight on different breweries, it feels like too much trouble to track them down on a schedule. Instead, I’m celebrating the “spirit” of these fine BEvERages by hoisting a few new-to-me local brews and visiting favorite pubs.

I live within easy distance of Half Acre Brewery (4257 N Lincoln Ave.), so I popped into their tap room to see what they had to lure me away from my steady favorite, Daisy Cutter.

Howler & Growler

Growl & Howl

I was on the hunt for a hoppy beer, and nearly came home with a Howler of Akari-Shogun, a light wheat beer with a rich infusion of hops and cool appeal to inner manga geek. However, one glass of Stargazer, a light, hoppy lager with a clean finish and amber glow turned me around. This is a refreshing beer that I could drink as a session brew or pair well with spicy ethnic food. I had visions of Stargazer as my new Summer favorite, except…

Stargazer isn’t listed on Half Acre’s list of seasonal or collaboration beers. I have no idea how long this will last at the tap room, and the staff was firm about it not showing up in bottles. Too bad. I guess I’ll hoist my little howler too and fro while I can, and keep an eye open for a beer to bring to summer parties and to have on hand. If I’m really lucky, maybe I’ll score a six-pack of 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust*.

I’m very happy I found both beers, and will make more effort to visit the tap room again soon. So far Craft Beer Week has been a success! Have you found a new favorite during Chicago Craft Beer Week? Lemme know!

Half Acre Brewery

*I had erroneously referred to this delicious concoction as White Zombie. Thanks to @bitfrojm for the catch. Many eyes make for great edits!

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