Firecakes: Midweek Food P0rn

I was walking along Hubbard last night, when I spotted Firecakes from across the street. As I’m the sort of girl who jaywalks for pastry, there was no question of checking it out. Sadly, they weren’t open. Like most dough nut establishments, they close shop when they sell out. I had to spend a whole night plotting my return.

Vanilla Firecakes Donuts

mmm, vanilla donut

The Vanilla Donut with crunchy vanilla sprinkles wasn’t the headline of my donut dreams, but I ended up choosing it over the Chocolate Long John or Jelly Filled. It was the little specks of vanilla bean that lured me in. Worth the wait? Yes! Most places phone in their vanilla attempts, but this was rich with vanilla flavor and didn’t rely on a power coating of sugar-sugar-sugar to carry the treat. I may have licked the extra icing off the wrapping paper. Maybe.

Selection of Firecakes Donuts

Mmm, donut selection

There were other temptations to blow my daily calorie count including apple fritters and lemon verbena meringue donuts. Firecakes is a little out of my way in the mornings, but it will be worth the occasional detour. Donuts are priced between $2 to $3 each. They do deliver orders of 1 dozen or more, so if you’re planning an awesome meeting for your office (or want people to show up with completed TPS reports) Firecakes is a nice choice.

Firecakes Donuts

Mmm, donut store

Firecakes Donuts
68 West Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60654

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