Cafe 28: One last bite

Ceviche: Cafe 28

Seafood ceviche

Cafe 28 posted on their site that their last service would be brunch on February 28. I didn’t learn of it until about 4:00 today. Of course I did what any fan of a beloved neighborhood favorite would do — I grabbed a friend and made a bee-line to their door.

Sangria Pear Salad: Cafe 28

Sangria Pear Salad

We got there soon after they opened and were able to get a table in the rapidly filling space. Our waiter took full advantage of the nostalgia, suggesting two appetizers when we were undecided between our favorite, “It’s your last chance…”

It was. We probably over-ordered, but there was little guilt when the excellent ceviche and guacamole arrived. Sigh. I miss them both already. I brought rum for the make-your-own cocktails (since Cafe 28 had lost their liquor license), and we enjoyed one more mojito. Yum!

Plantain: Cafe 28


I had fewer problems deciding on the main dish. The Shrimp Coval has always been my favorite — I love the fajitas, the dipping sauces, and the spicy heat. Plus, leftovers! I can still savor the tastiness through lunch tomorrow.

Shrimp Comal: Cafe 28

Shrimp Comal

We splurged on tres leches cake, even though there was no room. It’s was excellent. Every last bite reminded me how much I’m going to miss this restaurant.

Are you going to miss Cafe 28? Lemme know!

Cafe 28
Open through brunch on February 25.
1800 W Irving Park Rd.
(773) 528-2883

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