Brasserie 54: Restaurant Week 2013

Lentils Brasserie 54

Hearty, delicious & vegetarian!

I had every intention of trying the Restaurant Week menu when I walked in the door. This was the third new place on my list, and my slow steady slide towards roaming the menu had been established. I glanced at the R.W. offerings and then decided to take it easy.

Brasserie 54 is a new restaurant, but I’d eaten a few times at the chef’s last spot, LM in Lincoln Square. This version is less fussy, with more casual service, plating and an emphasis on filling comfort food.

House-made Sausage Brasserie 54

Hearty, delicious and not vegetarian!

We chose to eat more lightly than planned, sharing the house-made pickles and sour dough bread as an appetizer. I had the lentils in a savory broth with some excellent French bread for dipping. It was perfect for a cold, blustery night.

My dining companion felt his dish was perfect, too. House-made red wine and bacon-laced pork sausages served on beats and topped with a mustard aoili. It was hard to argue when we were both so happy with our respective dishes.

We skipped dessert because Brasserie 54 has the misfortune of being sandwiched between First Slice Cafe and A Taste of Heaven. But I had enough on this visit to ensure a return trip.

5 successful meals out of 5 Restaurant Week choices. A good week by any measure.

Brasserie 54
5420 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 334-9463

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