Allium: Restaurant Week 2013

Onion Tart Allilum

Flaky and sweet, this tarte tatin satisfies

Unlike other Restaurant Week spots, Allium did not have a set menu. They let dinners select from the snacks & breads, small and large plate sections and existing dessert menu. I actually prefer this approach versus the confining prix fixe menus because it encourages exploration of the menu versus deciding between one or two options.

I zeroed in on the 24 hour Onion Tarte Tatin, which was delightfully prepared sweet onion served atop a crisp pastry with goat cheese and a hint of apricot. Delicious as it was, I believe my dining partner got the better deal with the Autumn Squash Salad — fruit, endive and crispy croutons. We spotted the showboating Cheese Lavosh at other tables, but I know how good it is already — and R.W. is about trying new things, right?

Allium Scallop Risotto

Creamy risotto with scallops

I’ve been to Allium a few times, but haven’t explored their large plate selection fully. I was tempted (and will be back for) the Spaghetti Carbonara and Wagyu Sliders, but on this trip the Suckling Pig Flatbread and Risotto with Scallops won. And what a win. Paired with apple and cranberry relish and a bed of greens, the pig was supported perfectly with the crackery crust. It was like an open face sandwich, only better. I love risotto and scallops, and the texture and preparation of both were perfect in Allium’s rendition. The pork chips added a little saltiness to the overall dish and some crunchy texture.

Carrot Cake Allium

Carrot-y dessert that Bugs would love!

When it comes to dessert at Allium, my weakness is the Miso Butterscotch Shake. I have to have it! It’s my sweet & frothy addiction. My dining partner had no previous experience with the menu and was able to order a perfectly yummy carrot cake. It came with multiple forms of carrot-as-dessert in candied, sorbet and cake form. Delish. But if you go, get the Miso. You won’t regret it.

Allium Rubber Duckies

A quirky touch of quack to the formal dining space

Will I go back to Allium? You bet. Restaurant Week was just a convenient excuse to visit an favorite spot in the middle of the week. I’ll need to find another excuse soon!

120 E Delaware Pl
Four Seasons Hotel, 7th Floor
(312) 799-4900

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