Glenn’s Diner: The Crossroads of Brunch

Eggs Benedict | Glenn's Diner

Eggs Benedict with seafood

Like most people in Chicago, I engage in the weekend sport of brunch. I like to time the tables, either getting there so early to qualify for “late breakfast” or so late that places have run out of their specials. I hate waiting in line for breakfast a la weekend, especially when there’s no real waiting area.

I make the occasional exception for Glenn’s Diner (1820 West Montrose Avenue). It’s a near-perfect crossroads of breakfast and lunch, ideally situated betwixt downtown friends and neighborhood friends so we all have an equal stake in the grumbling to move in the morning. I like a little seafood for breakfast, and the choice between coffee and a cold brew is not perfunctory. Just writing about it makes me long for Sunday morning. Plus, when the food ranges from cold cereal to smoked trout, you know it’s good. I can’t lie, I love this place.

Got a favorite brunch spot that works for you? Let me know! Otherwise, finish reading about my recent Glenn’s Diner experience at Chicago Like A Local. Yum!

We Are Cereal | Glenn's Diner

Time to get coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs