Candy Quest 2012: Pre-Halloween Edition

Pumpkin Candy

Amy’s vs. Brach’s

I’m the first to admit that I have a sweet tooth. Brach’s Candy Pumpkins, Candy Corn and Kraft Caramels are ubiquitous, cheap, drugstore fixes that I’m trying very hard to avoid. If I’m going to eat the calories, I want them to be quality. Fortunately, Amy’s Candy Bar (4704 North Damen Avenue) has handmade alternatives to the waxy, salty Halloween stuff. Yum.

Blackberry Cobbler Corn

Blackberry Cobbler Corn available at Amy’s is fruity, flavorful and fun.

Blackberry cobbler candy corn could be my new Halloween candy of choice. It’s a bit sweeter, fruitier and doesn’t have the lingering honey aftertaste of the drugstore stuff. Amy sells them by the cupful instead of monster-size bags. I like the pre-built portion control.

Amy's Candy Bar Haul

My haul from Amy’s

The real bonus at Amy’s had to be the handmade caramels. I have a serious crush on her pucker-worthy passion-fruit mango caramels, though the raspberry and chocolate rounded out a package with the classic salted caramels. Softly chewy and so far removed from Kraft squares, that you’ll wonder what you’ve been eating all these years.

Whirly Pop

Whirly Pops delight the eyes as well as the tongue

There’s more to explore at Amy’s — ice cream, cupcakes, sour belts and malted chocolate balls await the sugar-obsessed. Fortunately, I have time before Halloween to see if my sweet tooth is satisfied.

Amy's Candy Bar

Celebrating 1 year: Amy’s Candy Bar

I muse a bit more on Amy’s Candy Bar in my latest Choose Chicago entry: Take a Bite Out of Damen Avenue.

Have a favorite sugar spot in Chicago? Let me know!

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