As I Ooh and Ahh at Sixteen

Cured Sea Trout | Sixteen

Opening salvo of Cured Sea Trout

I’ve wanted to ooh and ahh over Sixteen (401 North Wabash Avenue) ever since it opened, but it’s been hard to justify the expense. The food, while good, never quite matched the magnificent view of The Wrigley Building directly across from the dining room.

Last week, I took a leap and had dinner there with an out of town guest. I reasoned that the view would be satisfying even if the food was not. I’m glad I gave Executive Chef Thomas Lents a chance. The food was rich and delicious, though not overworked. The presentation evoked everything from long walks on the beach to a witch-y incarnation of Macbeth. I suspect that Chef has a wicked sense of humor in addition to a top-notch palette.

If you want more of a blow-by-blow of my dinner at Sixteen, visit Chicago Like a Local for my review.

Have you already checked out the revamped menu from Chef Lents? Do you agree that the food keeps pace with the view? Or will you continue to pass on dinner in favor of the bar? Hey, it’s not a bad choice — they have 3 Floyds Zombie Dust on the menu!

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