Farmer’s Market: Making the most of the season

Fruit, Veggies and Eggs from my local Farmers Market

Fruit, Veggies and Eggs from my local Farmers Market

One of my resolutions this year was to make the most of my local Farmers Market. I usually go to the one in Lincoln Square on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings, which works out well for me. On Tuesdays I pick up enough fruit to last me through the work week and on Thursdays I pick up the staples to cook over the weekend. Maybe I throw in an occasional treat from Angel Food Bakery, too.

I’ve slowly been expanding the items I get from the Farmers Market. After trying a fabulous heirloom tomato salad at Graham Elliot Bistro, I started buying chocolate cherry tomatoes. They are the guilt-free chocolate solution of my dreams. I can’t stop eating them unless it’s to pick up another fresh peach. Between the two? Wow, yum.

I also picked up a half-dozen fresh eggs. I’d been eye-balling this stand for weeks, and the lady finally cornered me with her sales pitch: they come from happy, bug-eating, free-ranging chickens. Sold. They’re expensive eggs, but I’m willing to keep the chickens in bugs if that’s what it takes.

In renewed passions, I’ve started buying kale again after I noticed one of my co-workers using it in place of bread for sandwiches. It seems crazy, but her sammies don’t fall apart. I’ll see how I do. And finally, plums are back in season! I haven’t seen my favorite gumball plums yet, but the red heart plums I found this week I’ve kept me pretty happy.

Have a Farmers Market find? Share what makes you happy!