Last Bite at Charlie Trotter’s

  • Charlie Trotter\'s
  • Thyme-Glazed Brioche with Georgia Blueberry Compote & Lavender-Blueberry Sherbet
  • 25 Years
  • Poached French White Asparagus with Broccolini, Manchego Cheese & Fire-Roasted Red Peppers
  • Crispy, Silken Tofu with Georgia Peaches, Red Curry & Pea Blossoms
  • Muscovy Duck with Smoked Coconut, Spring Onion & Venezuelan Chocolate
  • One-Hour Poached Hen’s Egg with Morel Mushrooms, Swiss Chard & Liquorice
  • Elysian Fields Farm Roasted Saddle of Lamb with Toasted Espresso, Trumpet Royale Mushrooms & Boudin Noir
  • Miso Tortellini with Red Cabbage, Turnip Confit & Ponzu
  • Zucchini Cake & Blossom with Whipped Basil & Saffron Reduction
  • Mocha Ice Cream with Almond Dacquoise & Steamed Cardamom Cake

In less than 20 days, Charlie Trotter’s eponymous restaurant will close its doors after 25 years. Though I’ve been fine dining in Chicago for years, I confess I had never gotten around to Trotter’s. It was always on the list, but it was the imminent threat of closing prompted me to finally make reservations. I’m glad I went.

The service was exceptional, the quality and presentation of the food ranged from solid to transcendent, and in both the vegetable and grand menus I could see the inspiration that drives so many tasting menus in Chicago.

There are no bad choices at Charlie Trotter’s, there’s only a missed opportunity if you don’t make it before the doors close for good. Hurry, hurry.

Charlie Trotter’s
816 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60614