Lunch & More at Birchwood Kitchen

When I get off the train at Damen, I invariably wander up to North Avenue to Birchwood Kitchen. Sometimes its for one of their amazing sandwiches, and sometimes it’s browse the to-go items they have up front. It’s always a challenge to decide between eating in and taking things home. I usually end up doing both.

Birchwood Kitchen

Tuna sandwich from Birchwood Kitchen

Though this casual spot gives the appearance of a sit-down restaurant, it’s actually run as a deli. Place orders at the counter and they’re cheerfully served a few minutes later. The tuna topped with tomatoes and Gruy√®re cheese on multi-grain is my go-to choice, though I’m occasionally lured by the hot pot roast or cold chickpea sandwiches. I once had a goat cheese sandwich with curried veggies that sent me over the moon.

Dill Carrots | Birchwood Kitchen

Bliss! Dill Carrots!

The side dishes and pickles are “complimentary” with the sandwiches but are actually ingenious lures back to the deli counter. The “on the side” dilled carrots I had with my last sammie ended up becoming a minor obsession. They were the accompaniment to every meal I had for the next several days I only pray they’re still on the menu the next time I make it by.

However, I’m not that worried. I’m sure there’s a new favorite obsession to discover on my next visit. Birchwood Kitchen is good that way.

Birchwood Kitchen
2211 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

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