Happy Valentine’s Day! Getcha some sugar from Angel Food!

Thin Mints | Angel Food Bakery

Thin Mints

You can’t fight the marketing that equates love with sugar and sugar with love, but you can make the decision to get good sugar. That’s why I head to Angel Food Bakery to pick up retro snacks like Thin Mints (Girl Scouts) and Airstreams (Twinkies). I’m not sure whether they have a commercial-sized Easy Bake oven in the back or what, but these reinvented childhood favs come out new, improved and oh-so-satisfying. Skip the box of chocolates, and head over to Montrose to get your Valentine’s Day sugar fix. Your sweetheart will thank you.

Airstream | Angel Food Bakery


Angel Food Bakery
1636 West Montrose Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613


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