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I’m a little bit in love with Tai Nam Food Market. When I step inside, I feel as though I’ve sucked into both a food and cultural experience that immediately imparts a sense of place. It’s easy to forget that this is, in fact, Chicago.

I love the bright, spacious aisles of kitchen equipment, and the dense, pushy madness of the produce section on a Sunday afternoon. My shopping needs for fish heads, multiple varieties of tofu, and Sam Buu Luong (cups filled with an unlikely combination of seaweed, barley, longangan, dates, jelly and raisins) can be satisfied here. It’s my to-go spot when I need stir-fry ingredients.

The place makes me a bit wistful for an Asian grandmother to teach me what to do with lemongrass, squid or jars of fish paste. Or how to slice up a durian. Or tell me which Chinese New Year candies are the best. I’ll keep cart surfing until I figure out which brands to buy.

Very cheap, authentic and convenient — you should add Tai Nam to your shopping routine!

Tai Nam Food Market
4925 N Broadway St # J
Chicago, IL 60640

  1. ETW left a comment on February 7, 2012 at 11:06 am

    The durian definitely caught my eye. Thanks for the inside look!

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