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    Mideast Bakery & Grocery

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I love browsing the aisles of the Middle Eastern Grocery on Foster for so many reasons. For one, it’s a great place to pick up spices on the cheap. A 4 ounce tub of mustard powder, coriander and other spices runs $2.99, which is a much better deal than $5 for a half ounce that you see at major chains. Equally affordable are the dried fruits, nuts, seeds, rice, grains, beans, and pastas. I stock up on dried soup mixes, too, because no matter what the weather’s lead you to believe, it’s going to be a long Winter.

Ever had hot-from-the-oven pita? They make it here and there’s nothing better…unless it’s to spread a homemade harrisa-spiced hummus, artichoke lemon spread or baba ghanoush on top. If I need a ready made meal, I’ll pick up some kibbi, falafel, or spinach & feta pie from the deli in back. And olives, I always get lots of olives. The sweets usually call to me on the way to the counter and I’ve never found a reason to resist their pistachio baklava or a bag of yogurt-covered raisins. One of these days I’ll find a special occasion to buy one of beautifully layered jars of nuts in honey, too.

I never fail to go in here intending to pick a little something up, but buying enough to feed the Turkish army a home-cooked meal.

Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery
1512 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640-2112

  1. Mimi left a comment on January 18, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    My favorite store – EVER! I was there tonight on my way home from work. I’m there at least once a week. You have great taste!

  2. Ariel left a comment on January 19, 2012 at 3:10 am

    Great pictures!! Thanks

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