Take a Hike to & from Bleeding Heart

Lately, it’s been about breakfast for me — morning, noon and night. Something about the weather changing calls for massive amounts of comfort food. So when a friend suggested trying breakfast-as-dinner at the newest location of Bleeding Heart Bakery (1916 W. Chicago Ave), I couldn’t say no.

Take A Hike

Take a hike for this scone

The first thing you notice is the place is a riot of pattern and color — it screams “wake up!” long before the first cup of coffee is poured. A large mural with the “No Crying in Pastry” slogan competes with a glass-enclosed work space for attention. I was charmed by the chipper formica tabletops and the spinning pastry display in the corner. The whole place is work for the eyes, but fun.

I tried to order the spicy hot chocolate, but they were out of spice and minty didn’t sound appealing. However, the mild hot chocolate I ended up with had weak kung fu — I still regret the decision to order and drink it. My friend’s Durango with hazelnut mocha was a much more satisfying choice.

The visual riot crawled off the walls onto the menu, and it took us quite a few minutes to sift through it to order. I eventually zeroed in on the Deep Fried Doughnut Sandwich, which I got with a side of apple slaw. In theory this was a good choice — a vanilla-infused shout-out to Krispy Kreme stuffed with savory items, but I really didn’t like it. My friend’s farmer’s skillet reminded us both more of a bi bim bop than anything else. The eggs in both dishes were over-cooked.

While the sit-down breakfast was a little disappointing, the baked goods were as awesome as always. I loaded up the delicious carbs from the display case and took them home to enjoy. My new favorite discovery was the Take A Hike scone. It came loaded with flax, cranberries, and seeds, and was a satisfying breakfast all by itself. Lesson learned? Perhaps. I may try this location for breakfast again, but I’ll definitely consider a grab and go pastry from the front first.

Been to this newest Bleeding Heart? Love to hear what you think.

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