Twitter declared #ChocolateWeek, who am I to argue?

Milk & Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro | Beijo de Chocolat

Milk & Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro

Once someone (or a population of on-line food fiends) inserts the notion of chocolate in my head, I have to no choice but to satisfy the craving. My favorite spot for chocolate satisfaction these days is Beijo De Chocolat. This “Kiss of Chocolate” is tucked away on Foster Avenue near Northpark University, which I only mention because I like taking my stash over to the campus and savoring it there. Plating is important, but so is atmosphere.

Anyway, my absolute favorite truffle from Beijo is the dark chocolate brigadeiro — a kind of genius shell of Belgian dark chocolate filled with silky chocolate ganache. I got two, plus two of the milk chocolate brigadeiros in case my memory was faulty about which I liked better.

Turns out my memory was fine, but it wasn’t a hardship to enjoy a little more chocolate. I have to fortify myself against my next dip into the world of Twitter.

Beijo De Chocolat
3334 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-4830
(773) 267-0138