Sweet Spot Macarons Launches This Week

Sweet Spot Macarons | Photos courtesy of Amber Gibson Sweet Spot Macarons launches Thursday, October 6th, with a party at The Burlington in Logan Square from 8-10 pm. Be the first to try these French confections from Chicago’s newest food truck. Naturally, there’s $1 PBR with any macaron purchase. PBR and macarons? Why not?

Galit Greenfield, the pastry chef behind Sweet Spot, did not grow up with macarons in Israel. However, after learning how to make them at Chicago’s French Pastry School, and many hours of tireless practice on her own, they have come to be her favorite pastry of all.

“They’re diva pastries,” Greenfield says. “They’re so particular and there are so many stages, from sifting to folding. Every fold is so important. If there’s one less fold, they’re too stiff, not smooth.”

Greenfield also loves macarons because the flavor options are endless. She plans to start out with flavors like salted caramel, strawberry, pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate espresso and passionfruit with a touch of white chocolate. Depending on customer response, requests and seasonal ingredients, Greenfield will rotate flavors and come up with new concoctions. Each macaron will be $1.50 and Greenfield plans to wrap each macaron individually to give people more choices.

She hopes to work with other food trucks and join gatherings like Food Truck Thursdays at Ethyl’s. Greenfield is encouraged by how supportive food truck vendors are of one another. Nicolas Ibarzabal of 5411 Empanadas even gave Greenfield tips and helped her out when she was first constructing her business. “I didn’t even know him,” she says. “But he was so nice and willing to meet with me.”

It may be a difficult to convince skeptical Chicagoans who might not know the difference between macarons and coconut macaroons to give these colorful French cookie sandwiches a try, but Greenfield is up to the challenge.

“It’s a guilt-free pastry,” Greenfield says. “They’re not that big, so they’re indulging but not over the top. You can eat one to answer your craving for something sweet.”

That is, if you can stop at just one. I can’t.

-Amber Gibson