iRIP, Steve


I was sad to hear of Steve Jobs passing. I’m a quiet Apple geek, but I’ve been a fan ever since the Apple IIE. I remember writing college papers on my Mac Plus that had two disk drives and finally breaking down to buy a 20MG hard drive (all the space I would ever need!). The thrill I got from partitioning my SE30, running OS 6.8 and then 7.1 on it, and how I eventually gave that box away to be turned into a fish tank. Progressing from owning an LCII to selling Apple products (before the cool stores and Genius Bars), loving then rejecting the Newton, supporting Apple products (at an ad agency in my early Chicago days), buying two different Macbook Pros in grad school (after I learned the difficult Diet Coke/Backpack lesson), to my current Mac Mini and iPhone power duo.

I’ve spent countless hours editing Chicago Bites photography and podcasts, writing blog entries, and covering live events with Apple gizmos. Apple products have been my choice over the years not because they were the cheapest or the best, but because they were beautiful. Steve Jobs understood my geeky little heart and gave my toys and tools that integrated nicely into how I lived and worked. He will be missed.

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