New on the Scene: Chicago Cupcake

Mini Cupcake Assortment

I recently stumbled upon a new type of cupcake  -– the cheesecake/pie/cupcake hybrid. Made by Chicago Cupcake, these cupcakes have a bottom layer of crust and a rich dairy-base cake. The texture and taste are more similar to cheesecake than what you would normally associate with a cupcake. This innovative take on the traditional cupcake works because the cake has a strong enough flavor to hold up to Italian buttercream and cream cheese frostings.

The Motherload Cupcake

From a mouth-puckering tart key lime to a rum-infused bananas foster, the cake, frosting and crust combinations are amazing. Most crusts are either a chocolate wafer or graham cracker. Even the “Motherload” cupcake of chocolate, peanut butter pretzel, peanut and caramel managed to allow each flavor its own solo in the ultimate cupcake symphony. Only the “Turtle” cupcake, filled with caramel, was too sweet for me. I could handle a mini but a full-sized one would prove too much.

My favorite cupcake of all was the Blueberry Bliss, which might be the best blueberry dessert I’ve ever had. The blueberry flavor was so fresh I could have sworn they had just been picked yesterday. Owner/baker Brendan Bolger says he’s a big believer in bold flavor and this cupcake certainly proves that to be true.

Blueberry Bliss Cupcake

Bolger has had a penchant for baking desserts since his college days. His professional experience is in finance and he hasn’t been to pastry school, but Bolger isn’t letting that minor detail stop him from pursuing his passion. His hopes for expansion include wholesale and retail as well as a food truck or storefront. If business goes well, he’s interested in baking other desserts, too.

For every dozen cupcakes ordered this month, Bolger will throw in a free taffy apple cupcake, made with Honeycrisp and Ida Red apples cooked in brown sugar and butter topped with caramel Italian buttercream.

Will our appetites for cupcakes ever wane?

Bonus: If you want to try Chicago Cupcake, they are currently offering a 50% off deal at Popsugar.

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