Beijo de Chocolat for my Halloween Candy Fix

I pulled myself away from waxy bags of candy corn long enough to make a trip to one of my favorite chocolate spots — Beijo de Chocolat. Skulls and mummies, oh my! While there, I picked up a few dark and milk chocolate brigadieros, a must-buy whenever I step into the store. They’ve won awards for their smooth, spicy ganache, and I’m glad to rediscover it every time I go.

I also couldn’t resist a trio of ghostly meringue cookies. There was nothing spooky about the hint of lemon in the cookies, but I’d rather have the flavor. Anything Beijo has is much better than what I could purchase in a orange Brach’s bag. I need to remind myself of that and steer clear of Walgreen’s for the remainder of the week. You should do the same.

Happy Halloween!

Beijo De Chocolat
3334 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-4830
(773) 267-0138

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