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Aug 022011

Closed. May be temporary.

Patty Burger

Milkshakes and burgers are classic lunch grub.

Pattty Burger has the look and feel of a burger chain, but it’s really a lone outlet within convenient walking distance of tourists going to/coming from the Art Institute and office workers making their daily dash for lunch. Maybe there are plans to roll their 50’s pin-up Patty across the country like Ronald McDonald to satisfy people’s need for nostalgia and cheap burgers. Maybe. They seem to have all the packaging and kitsch in place to do it. I hope not, though, because I ‘m not sure America needs another burger chain of this caliber.

They play the quality angle pretty hard at Patty Burger, talking about 100% Angus beef that’s never been frozen and preparing each burger to order. With that in mind, I took a friend to try a few items from the menu before the lunch rush. We settled on “The Oscar”, a monster burger recommended by the staff that came double-decker with three types of cheese, mushrooms, avocado and bacon; and the vegetarian “Vegilectible” with a combination of portobella mushroom caps, avocado, and sauteed onions.

They were fine, but I didn’t love the food. If you want your burger piled with some combination of either avocado, bacon or cheese and you happen to be at Patty Burger, then this is a good stop. If you want culinary adventure, then seek out one of the chef-driven sandwich shops in town. I will complain a little about the fries because I thought they were limp and oily, and the strawberry milkshake was overly sweet for my taste. YMMV. Overall? Patty Burger is a decent alternative to McDonald’s burgers, if that’s where you already eat lunch and are concerned about how McD’s runs things.

BTW, Patty Burger is running a “create a hamburger recipe and submit it for great prizes” contest between now and the end of the month. Check the details on their Facebook page if you’re so inclined.

Patty Burger

Patty Burger

Patty Burger
72 East Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60603-6108

I was invited as a member of the media to try Patty Burger & paid nada for the food.

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