Cool off with Bastani from Noon O Kabab

Raspberry Bastani | Noon O Kabab

Raspberry Bastani

If you walk past Noon O Kabab’s take-out/delivery store on Kedzie, then you’ll see signs for gelato. Don’t be fooled. If you go in, you’ll find a Persian version of gelato called bastani. Bastani has a similar texture, but the real adventure comes when you get past the safe flavors like blueberry and raspberry to Persian fig, saffron, or my favorite, spicy mango. Mango with a layer of hot peppery spices on top? It’s surprisingly refreshing and addictive.

Prices range from $3.95 to $5.95. Bastani is available at the sit-down restaurant, or you can buy it directly from the take-out store.

Noon O Kabab
4661 N Kedzie Ave # 1
Chicago, IL 60625-1290
(773) 279-9309

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