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Orange Crush | Tank Sushi

Orange Crush

In theory, Tank Sushi is everything I want in a neighborhood sushi spot. The atmosphere is nice enough for a date, it’s a great location, the menu has seasonal elements and features consistently good fish. The place should be worth its weight in edamame, but it always seems to fall short.

I think it’s a combination of prices (their signature maki averages around $17 per roll), and a reliance on mixing cooked fish with raw in most of their signature maki that I find off-putting. When I order sushi, I don’t want tempura-anything near my roll or a bit of fruit stuck in where it’s not wanted. In danger of sounding like Golem, who insisted upon “raw and rippling”, I prefer to enjoy the freshness of the fish above anything else.

Maki | Tank Sushi


For example, the orange crush maki, a combination of fresh crab and salmon topped with bright orange tobiko, hits a discordant note when asparagus is added to the mix. Ugh. And the Alaskan Night maki doesn’t warn you that the rock crab is cooked through and through. It’s hard to find a maki without a banana, apple or tempura-fried something or another lurking inside the roll.

Having said that, the non-traditional and cooked items are good. I recently enjoyed a watermelon salad sprinkled with sesame seeds and drizzled with a biting chili vinaigrette. The sesame chicken was a delightful preparation of sweet and sour, and came so loaded it should have been offered as an entrĂ©e instead of a small plate. If I wander back, I’ll probably stick to the small plates and if I must have sushi, order from the fairly standard nigiri menu.

I know Tank Sushi is beloved in the neighborhood; however, I feel that the right combination of sushi and price isn’t that far away and certainly worth the effort to find.

Chicken | Tank Sushi


Tank Sushi
4514 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-2103
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