Where do you go for watermelon salad?

Watermelon Salad | Tank Sushi

Watermelon salad from Tank Sushi

Now that summer temperatures are starting to catch up with the season, I find myself in the mood for a favorite treat: watermelon salad! I don’t mean simply watermelon diced into chunks and sprinkled with salt, I’m talking about the gussied-up, fancy-panted gourmet version that is a surprising combination of melon + something else. Magic?

Watermelon salads are ephemeral too, appearing on menus and then disappearing just as quickly. I found the ginger, watercress and sesame version at Tank Sushi in Lincoln Square, but I’m on the hunt for more. Where have you found a good watermelon salad this year? Leave me a comment or send a tweet. Thanks!

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