Jun 292011
Apple Fritter | Vermillion

Available for 8 tickets

After five days of intermittent visits to Taste of Chicago, I declare this Apple Fritter from Vermillion to be the most awesome thing available. A warm apple fritter with a generous sprinkling of ginger-infused sugar, topped with mango-cardamom sauce? No one else is putting that much “cuisine” into their Taste of Chicago offerings. It’s a cut above what others are serving and far more representative of Chicago’s culinary scene.

If you’ve found something better, please let me know. There are five days left!

10 West Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60654-4638

  One Response to “A must try item from Taste of Chicago? Vermillion’s Apple Fritter.”

  1. Drool. Wipe. Drool. I’m weaning myself off sweets but I must admit to food lust in my heart.

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