Jun 012011
Yogurt & Granola | Ina's

Yogurt & granola with seasonal fruit

I’m on a yogurt kick, lately. It’s hard to beat the combo of granola, yogurt and fresh, seasonal fruit at Ina’s, but if you’ve got other places you like, please let me know.

1235 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60607-1517
(312) 226-8227

  2 Responses to “Ina’s Yogurt – Midweek Food P0rn”

  1. I had the most incredible Vietnamese Yogurt at Tank Noodle on Friday – it was this crazy juxtaposition of creamy and icy. I hear they make their yogurt in house

  2. In all the years I’ve been eating at Tank, I had never considered the yogurt. Awesome that I can return in the name of culinary research. Thanks, Amber!


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