Frozen Treats — Twitter Round-up

Eating ice cream at Black Dog Gelato

Eating ice cream at Black Dog Gelato

The temperature dropped 40 degrees yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for the next heat wave. I asked Twitter where they went to get sweet, frozen treats. Ice cream, gelato, custard? Chicago loves it all:

  • @BobD567 The plush horse in Palos
  • @Micah_Ming Shawn Michelle’s!!!
  • @danameyerson Tastee freeze & miko’s & margies & DQ (am i an expert?)
  • @shilparupani New gelato stand in the lobby of the nordstrom building on michigan ave
  • @UnderdogDirecto @ForeverYogurt is our favorite of course!
  • @lacabezaG Ghirardelli ice cream parlor on Chestnut and Michigan. Always crowded but it’s tasty.
  • @sgia Scooter’s Frozen Custard- the graham cracker crust topping, I have no words…
  • @NickLSnyder Caffe Gelato in Wicker Park. Can’t beat it.
  • @rebeccawilova Definitely Zanzibar’s at Bryn Mawr and Kenmore. Edgewater, of course. Mmmm!
  • @mittsmeade I second that! RT @NickLSnyder: Caffe Gelato in Wicker Park. Can’t beat it.
  • @ezbake I sooooo miss Annette’s on Armitage. Painful to see them close.
  • @Hurdler4eva Black Dog Gelato! And in Evanston – @AndysFrozenCust Just got back from having a blackberry concrete – it was delish!
  • @knottheoretic Ice Cream: Margie’s and DBPrimehouse (Friday 3-5) Gelato: Black Dog, & anticipating new place by Natalie (5406 N Clark)
  • @MetaCookbook I like Scoops down on Halsted & 31st, & have friends who go way out of their way to go, but I don’t go many places.
  • @dosemarket Snookelfritz ice cream and @saltcaramel pudding pops! << my sweet-connoisseur bf swears they could charge $5 a pop
  • @brazenhussyrant Anthony’s Italian Ice on Southport is pretty outstanding.
  • @JessicaDembo We love Loves Yogurt on skokie blvd in Wilmette!!! So delish!!!! And awesome flavors!!!
  • @MBurgerChicago Sorry, have to plug it– this month’s Rainbow shake supporting Make-A-Wish! 🙂
  • @cornfedfemme Green tea snow ice w condensed milk, red beans from Cloud 9. Best when enjoyed after meal @Falafill around the corner.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in. I hope we get enough Summer weather to make a dent in this list!

  1. hanna left a comment on June 10, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Rainbow cone! It tastes like summer.

  2. Tammy left a comment on June 12, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Oh yeah, absolutely.

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