Dessert for Breakfast – Twitter Round-up

Red Velvet Cupcake

Red Velvet Cupcake from the Philly Buttercream Truck, 10AM

If you’ve been following on Chicago Bites on Twitter, you know I’ve been on vacation in Philadelphia this week. I’ve had some amazing food, but my eating habits have taken a turn towards the sugary. It seems like every morning I’ve had dessert for breakfast — cupcakes, poundcake, and chocolates!

I know I’m not the only one with a sweet tooth, so I asked Twitter folks about their sweet morning habits:

  • @Realpolitikmama #DessertForBreakfast @Bleeding_Heart blueberry scones!
  • @jackvinson Morning sugar? I used to dump several Tbsp of sugar on my Frosted Flakes. #DessertForBreakfast
  • @sarahhong Carrot cake french toast. Because, why the hell not? #dessertforbreakfast
  • @Hurdler4eva I always eat dessert for breakfast. @morecupcakes, @webakecupcakes and @HMPC are great standbys
  • @photovox Dessert for b’fast is easily found at Bongo Room and Over Easy
  • @BitXDeadweight Pie at @HMPC
  • @sparklefade3 I bake cheesecake and keep slices in freezer at all times. Nothing gets me ready to face the day like cheesecake!
  • @MyChiConcierge Made cupcakes over weekend, had one for breakfast every day this week.

Thanks for sharing! If you have a dessert place you like to hit for breakfast, please leave a comment or let me know on Twitter.

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