City Provisions: Monday Morning Pastry

Goat Milk Tres Leches Cake | City Provisions

Goat Milk Tres Leches Cake

My Monday morning is fighting back pretty hard, so I went into my recent photo food archives for something tasty and delicious to offset the start-of-the-week blues and writing distractions. Raise your hand if that means “I have a possum trapped on my back porch.” Yeah, that’s how my Monday is going. YMMV.

It was a happier day when I stopped into City Provisions. I wanted a little bit of cheese, but instead walked away with an insane amount of Dunbarton Blue Cheddar, a donut and this absolutely delicious goat milk tres leches mini-cake.

You know how that happened? Free samples. Once I taste something at City Provisions, I can’t resist buying. They know this little trick and either have their best stuff parceled out on trays or have cheese/pastry pushers offering you a little something if you show the slightest sign of interest. I may need to send in a proxy next time.

Not that I have any regrets. This pastry was one of the best tres leches cakes I’ve eaten in a long time — including the ones I’ve made myself. It had enough structure for me to eat it with my hands, but was incredibly moist and flavorful. Talking about it has made me feel better, even if it doesn’t take care of my wildlife encounter.

City Provisions
1820 West Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 293-2489