Want great food to taste better? Eat it outside in style.

Hot Dogs

Grilled to perfection in the open air.

I attended the BH&G Chill and Grill Festival on Saturday, and as I said in yesterday’s post, was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. With great social media integration, sweet patio areas and booths, excellent local talent, and combination of free events and priced items, I think there are some lessons to learn for the city’s festivals. I know I’ll compare this experience to the many food festivals and events planned over the summer. Presentation is an undeniable part of enjoying food. I think this set a bar for other events to follow.

Want to see more photos from the Chill and Grill Festival and judge for yourself? They’re on the Chicago Bites Facebook page.

Grilled Ratatouille | West Town Tavern

The grilled ratatouille was a great vegetarian option.

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