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Scallops | Sushi Station

Blue plate special -- scallops!

The trick to successful dining at a conveyor belt sushi joint is teamwork. One person sits in view of the upcoming sushi choices and does color commentary about what to grab; one person keeps track of the number of plates/colors and calculates a running total; and someone else interacts with the waitress about drink refills when the mental attention of the others can’t be spared. A game plan is essential.

If you can finagle a seat near the exit from the kitchen, that’s ideal, but this place is so busy on the weekends that you’ll have to take whatever table they give you. Expect about 20-30 minutes wait time to divvy up your dining roles.

Red Bean Moshi | Sushi Station

Red bean moshi wrapped in a bamboo leaf.

Is it worth the wait? Honestly, I’ve had much, much better sushi and far, far worse. But you don’t go to experience the highs of sushi cuisine, you go for the novelty of having sushi flying at you at the speed of a Kikkoman video:

Once the plates are counted up, expect to pay around $25 per person with tip.

Sushi Station
1641 Algonquin Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
(847) 593-2450


2486 N Randall Road
Elgin, IL 60123
(847) 783-0040

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