Where to find shrimp po’ boys – Twitter Round-up

Shrimp Po'Boy | Real Kitchen

Shrimp Po'Boy from Real Kitchen

I’ve had shrimp po’ boys on the brain lately. When a friend asked me to help her find a good one, I started seeing them on menus everywhere. Of course, not everything I tried was worthy of sharing. Too many sandwiches had fried shrimp, soggy bread, or lackluster remoulade.

I found a tasty po’ boy at Real Kitchen (1433 West Montrose Ave). Theirs had crusty bread, boiled shrimp, and a nice kick of heat. However, the menu there is subject to change, so I asked Twitter for other ideas:

  • @matildazq115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park has good shrimp po boy; @BigJones has good everything, including po boy!
  • @JoeyB708 Twisted spoke makes an awesome Shrimp Po’boy, I go to NOLA alot and problem here is not enough shrimp and the bread
  • @harold_smith I would never leave you hanging! Big Easy & believe it or not Bubba Gumps on NP has an awesome shrimp version
  • @joebard Fish Bar, Mac and Mins, Wishbone
  • @MogranTweets Lawrence Fisheries near Canal & Cermak. UH-MAY-ZING.
  • @freybaybay Mac and Min’s has a ton of po’boys. 1045 W. Madison. Only been once, and I got a Veggie and it was pretty good.
  • @emilytorockio Absolutely Glenn’s Diner.
  • @RedDelz @wherezthewagon on Fridays

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