An off-key night at Rockin’ Taco

Rockin' Taco

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My first, and probably only stop, at Rockin’ Taco was a spectacular disappointment. I walked in hoping to place a quick grab-and-go order, but spent a painful forty minutes waiting for a burrito. Why painful? Like most people, I hate waiting for food when I’m hungry. However, it was particularly hard when I had to listen to sighing, grumpy staff complain about how busy they were (in an empty restaurant), grumble at each other about how no prep work was done, randomly stop everything to talk to girlfriends about how busy they were, and watch as they took smoke breaks to deal with the stress of so much work. Every place can have an off night, but I haven’t been somewhere so determined to have so much of it in front of customers.

California Burrito & Fajita Taco | Rockin' Taco

California Burrito & a Fajita

Feed me well and I tend to forgive and forget, but Rockin’ Taco couldn’t get that part right, either. The fresh-made chips weren’t fried completely and came out chewy and disgusting. I threw them out along with the watery salsa and unremarkable guacamole. The burrito that I waited forty minutes for was an unseasoned, bland, brown tube of what I assume was beans and rice. If I had stayed to eat my meal at the restaurant, I would have heaved it over the counter at the entitled twits occupying space in the kitchen.

Rockin' Taco

A hopping night at Rockin' Taco?

I try to give restaurants two or three tries, especially if I had a bad experience. But Rockin’ Taco? I don’t think it’s worth an encore. There are too many places making this same food faster, better, cheaper and doing it with staff who at least pretend to like their jobs. Skip this house of rock.

Rockin’ Taco
1467 West Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60613-1922
(773) 975-8226