Need a slice? Try Apart Pizza.

Vegetarian Pizza | Apart Pizza Company

Vegetarian Pizza

If you’re in the mood for cracker-thin pizza, give Apart Pizza Company a try. They make their dough every morning and bake pies until they’ve run out of materials, and then they close up shop. While it might seem a flighty way to run a pizza business, patrons appreciate the freshness of the end product and take their chances.

To me, this means you need to order lunch and save the leftovers for dinner. With only a minimum of $10 for delivery, the small pizzas are the best deal. It’s a great way to try their specialties and find one you like. I’m hooked on their vegetarian pizza — artichokes, corn, spinach, tomato slices and sweet peppers? You don’t find vegetarian options like that anywhere else. If you like salty goodness, the Calbrese pizza with capers, anchovies and black olives is awesome. Need another reason to order lunch? They stop serving their small pizzas after 4pm.

I had the opportunity to get into Apart Pizza’s kitchen on a recent Chicago Pizza Tour, and see how their pies are made. The dough is hand-tossed and stretched thin, then loaded with toppings. Apart Pizza uses a Blodgett oven lined with a ceramic-bottom to insure even, fast cooking. Five minutes for pizza this good? I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

If I had one complaint about Apart Pizza, it’s that their loaded large pizzas tend to get soggy in the middle. That’s the danger of mixing too many fresh ingredients with such a thin crust. If I had two complaints, it’s that you can’t split toppings on pizzas…no half pepperoni/half sausage. And three? Delivery only, there’s really no room to eat-in. There is no number four…

But seriously, when you need a break from thick-crust pizzas that fill you up after a slice, give these guys a try. You may never look back.

Calabrese Pizza | Apart Pizza Company

Calabrese Pizza

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