Lunch in the West Loop Twitter Round-up

Portabello Pizza

Portabello Pizza from Artopolis

I had a lunch meeting in the West Loop this week, so I asked the fine folks from Twitter to help me find a sit-down spot that wasn’t too expensive. Looks like I’ll need to set up a more meetings to get through every suggestion.

It’s a good list, I hope it helps others with their lunchtime blahs:

  • @glimtwin3 Little late I know, but Gaudi on Ashland/Erie
  • @RachelGillman I’d recommend @saigonsisters, prairie fire, new line, province, veerasway, maude’s or even french market. Hope this helps!
  • @Dee_Fabulous A little further west, La Lagartija
  • @joebard JP Graziano without a doubt. Order the Mr. G, you won’t bs disappointed
  • @chicagohawksfan Johnnies Snack Shop on Halsted between Randolph and Lake. #bestfoodforthemoney
  • @liberation407 West Loop lunch options? PepsiCo caferteria!
  • @Hurdler4eva Blackbird’s $25 3-course lunch prix fixe!
  • @showsomemoxie I’m a big Artopolis fan
  • @Anhalt Haymarket!
  • @Josh_Pearson Sepia
  • @ilkandcookies Best bet is to stroll through @ChiFrenchmarket
  • @stevekoo1 de cero!
  • @assendofbeat I freaking love that place!!! RT @jaejaedynomite Meli Cafe RT @ChicagoBites West Loop lunch options?
  • @lulububbly Saigon Sisters…either in the French Market on Clinton or the restaurant on Lake.
  • @BraisetheRoof De cero. It’s so good. I’ve prob recc’d it to you before
  • @jaejaedynomite Artopolis, Meli Cafe
  • @Curvatude Karens on green, wishbone…is that too far west to be considered loop?

If you have a dining question or get stuck for an idea, send me a tweet @chicagobites and I can put it to our dining community.

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