Donut for dollars? Paying for my sugar fix.

Old-Fashioned Donut | City Provisions

Old-Fashioned Donut from City Provisions

Yesterday, I paid $3.50 for a donut. It was an impressive donut, to be sure. Hand-made with a dusting of “local, sustainable, organic” mojo sprinkled over the top along with a healthy handful of cinnamon-sugar. It was still warm from the oven. If I looked around the corner, I could wave at the baker who made it.

Still. Three dollars and fifty cents. I’ve gotten tired of paying that much for cupcakes, and they at least have a patina of trendiness AND dessert attached to them. Donuts are breakfast food.

For that price, donuts should be something you get by the dozen. And, if you know where to shop, a cup of coffee to D-U-N-K them I-N. Instead there are foodies waiting in line at 7am to garner bragging rights. Sugar has become sport.

I expect to see specialty bakeries in every neighborhood soon. Then, L.A. and New York will move in with their fancy-schmancy stores, celebrity bakers will come out with cookbooks, and food trucks will drive around selling donuts that have been glazed, decorated, filled and sprinkled beyond recognition. Restaurants will have serve them as dessert flights. They’ll get their own cable show. People will blog about them.

As a great gourmand once said, “Mmm, donuts.”

I agree. I just wish this one didn’t cost $3.50 because I’d really like to have another.

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