Earth Day, Every Day

Fresh Picks Bundle

My first Fresh Picks delivery.

It’s Earth Day again! Once again I feel the need do more to decrease my carbon footprint, and make my dining adventures more sustainable/organic/green. How? I’m glad you asked:

  1. Composting – I’ve actually composted for years, but I need to be more deliberate about it and not let my composter get too full to actually work. I also need to find a way to use up what I make.
  2. Container Gardening – I got serious last month when we had that one 80 degree day. I pulled out all my pots and got them filled with compost/potting soil. I also started some basil and spinach seedlings.
  3. Mushroom Farming – I bought a kit from Provenance to grow crimini mushrooms. I’ve never grown them before, so it should be an adventure.
  4. Buying local – I want to get more of my vegetables, fruit, and eggs delivered from Fresh Picks, et al. When the Farmer’s Markets get started, I want to be a regular.
  5. Canning/Preserving – I did this until I left home for college, but stopped for a variety of reasons. I wonder if I can make canning work in my tiny kitchen. Finding reasonably-priced canning supplies from local sources has been a challenge.

I’ll update the site from time to time with my progress on any and all of the above. It’ll help keep me on track with my efforts, and hopefully you’ll get something out of my urban gardening adventures. Please weigh in with the advice. I need all the help I can get, thanks!


Basil and spinach seedlings ready to plant? I can't decide.

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